Christian Louboutin Casali Mirrored Soles - Non Self Adhesive

Non self adhesive Casali Mirrored Soles

The sole has inbuilt grip to make your shoes easier to walk in, is ultra-thin which won't alter the look and feel of your shoes. 

Our NEW Shiny Soles are a protective sole made to colour match your Christian Louboutin shoes with a shiny 'enamel look' that provides a seamless finish to match the original shoe sole.   

These soles are pre-treated with a special primer, making application fast, convenient and give superior adhesion without needing roughing the half sole surface.

These soles can be applied at a cobblers  (recommended) or with Shoegoo at home, which we also sell:

Glueing instructions.

  1. Clean and roughen the surface of the footwear where the sole will be bonded (do not roughen the half sole we supply)
  2. Spread a uniform layer of adhesive on the surface of the roughened are of the footwear and on to the half soles we supply.
  3. Allow the solvent to evaporate so the adhesive is dry.
  4. Warm both the surface of the footwear and the half soles for a few seconds with the likes of a hairdrier.
  5. Press the both parts together making sure of full adhesion
  6. Let cool, then carefully trim






£9.99 inc. tax

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