Famaco Colour Fix to Stop Colour Transfer

Hot! Famaco Colour Fix to Stop Colour Transfer

Famaco Color Fix 125ml

Famaco Color Fix is an innovative, fixing agent to stop the transfer of dye and colour from material to skin, and vice versa. When you purchase a new pair of shoes or bag, the colour/dye can transfer onto your skin, socks or clothing. This can lead to awful staining and discolouration on clothes, as well as embarrassing marks on your feet! Famaco's unique formula of Color Fix allows for an exceptional barrier to stop this from happening, meaning you can enjoy your new footwear or bag from the get-go! 

The benefits of using Famaco Color Fix 

There are many benefits of using Famace Color Fix, some of which we have listed below:
- Easy to use 150ml spray for simple and quick application
- Does not harm the material 
- Stops colour transfer 
- Great for new shoes, bags or brightly colour footwear

How to apply Famaco Color Fix

- Gently shake before use
- In a well ventilated room, spray in light stokes to the shoe - making sure you get the inner edge!
- Leave to dry!



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