Madame Crystal Sole Protectors for Irregular Choice Shoes

Why Are Madame Crystal Sole Protectors the best for my Irregular Choice Shoes?

  • Our protectors are transparent so you can still see your pretty sole

  • They are easily applied- peel and stick, done! (Can be cut to size if required)

  •  No need for expensive cobblers so you can spend more money on foot tattoos

  • They are anti slip so you go can dance the night away

  • They have actually been tested on Irregular Choice shoes

  • They are temporary so are easily removed and will not damage the original image or the sole when removed
  • Unlike some sole protectors Madame Crystals not only protect the beautiful images on your shoes but the actual sole itself

  • Our sole protectors make IC shoes last much longer, great for limited edition styles so why not hand them down to the grand kids

  • An undamaged sole means a better resale value if you decide to sell your IC's in the future

  • They can be used on new shoes to prevent damage or used shoes to prevent further damage, so if you've got a pair that you thought were on their last legs... Think again!

  • The last image indicates potential damage without sole protector- My eyes! My eyes!

Available in three sizes

Original size 7.5cm x 12cm 

New large size 10cm x 14.5 cm

Extra large size (for flat shoes) 10cm x 22cm

 Application instructions:

Use on brand new shoes:
Please ensure your shoe sole is clean and dry before application

  •  Cut your sole protector to size if required
  •  Peel off the self adhesive backing
  •  Place the adhesive pad on to the sole of your shoe and press firmly
  • Use hairdryer for extra adhesion if required
  • Leave for at lease a couple of hours or so before use

For use on used shoes:

  • Clean the bottom of the shoe well with a damp cloth
  • Leave to dry completely before applying your sole protector using the instructions above

Don't forget to add one of our amazing Magnetic Cleaning Sponge £1.99!!

Check out our YouTube video for more in-depth application instructions


Madame Sole Protectors


£7.99 inc. tax

Customer Reviews

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Amazing service which bigger companies should be really jealous of!! 5 product stars
"An amazing service offered every time! Such a personal and professional service from someone who really makes you think that she knows you! Great product and prompt delivery every time!!! Thanks so much!! X" Alyson - 06/10/2015
Perfect product and outstanding customer service 5 product stars
"I love these protectors. They are easy to apply and, if necessary to remove. They do exactly what they say and also provide good grip to slippy soles. Would recommend them purely on this but also, the Post Office lost one of my orders, Sophie replaced them immediately and without question. Fantastic customer service too! Doubly recommend." Tracey Haigh - 06/04/2018
Love these! 5 product stars
"I love these. Not only do they preserve the beautiful pattern on my soles but they preserve the sole itself and give better grip. Wish they were available in retailers so I didn't always have to wait for them to arrive so I can wear my new shoes. I won't wear my Irregular choice without them. Great customer service too" Angela - 16/10/2017
SOOOO much better than other Sole Protectors 5 product stars
"These Sole protectors are amazing!! Followed the instruction video on youtube and they are perfect... unlike other brands, why they don't sell these on the IC website i don't know" jen - 04/04/2018
Best on the market 5 product stars
"These sole protectors are by far the best I've tried. Well worth the extra money. Last well, great grip and they stay in place and can be swapped between shoes.... perfect" Eve gates - 15/10/2017
The best sole protectors 5 product stars
"I love these sole protectors they not only protect the beautiful patterns on my beloved IC shoes but also provide amazing grip which others do not. Thank you so much for supplying a fantastic product and amazingly quick postage xx" Kate Richards-Moore - 15/10/2017
The very best 5 product stars
"These protectors are the absolute best. I have seen others but this company get it right every single time. I ve never had an issue with these protectors and they always leave the souls of my shoes perfect with the added bonus of becoming non-slip. Thank you so much for designing this product. I won t buy anything else!" Michelle - 15/10/2017
BEST EVER! 5 product stars
"These sole protectors are the best ones I have ever purchased! Fast delivery and great customer service. I will always use this brand." Theresa Bond - 15/10/2017
Awesome product. 5 product stars
"Awesome product. A You are paying for quality. The are non slip and they are textured. They are also clear so as not to cover your gorgeous Irregular Choice soles. Easy to peel off and won't ruin the soles. This is my 2nd batch of 10. Will be buying more. Highly recommended." Sonya R - 04/10/2015
The best sole protectors there is 5 product stars
"Flawless service for fantastic sole protectors. Really easy to apply and they stay stuck. You can also use them on louboutin!!!" Cat Roper - 16/10/2017
The best sole protectors on the market 5 product stars
"I have these for all of my irregular choice shoes, I have a stash of these so when I get a new pair of shoes they go straight on so they don't get damaged and to give the shoes plenty of grip." Sarah Snowden - 15/10/2017
Just amazing products and sevice 5 product stars
"I gave these sole protectors a go after trying another "well known" brands and I have to honestly say these are definitely superior from the glue they use ( stays put but also doesn't damage the image on the sole of my ic when you want to remove ) to the way it feels when you wear the shoe you don't feel like you are gliding on an ice ring and may slip any time. Totally 10/10 can't fault they I have a pair on every single ic shoes I own which is well into double figured" Claire Devereaux - 15/10/2017
Fantastic 5 product stars
"I am new to Irregular Choice shoes and was advised to try these, I now have 5 pairs of shoes and the Sole Protectors are the best thing ever. They stop you slipping by giving you grip and they don't deface the lovely patterns on the soles of the shoes. Love them A" Karin Watson - 06/01/2018

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