Irregular Choice Transparent Sole Protectors- Madame Glass Sole Protectors

Madame Glass Sole Protector

Transparent Sole Protectors for use on ALL designer shoes including Christian Louboutin, Manolo blahnik, Valentino, Jimmy Choo and Irregular Choice

Madame Glass Sole Protectors are transparent shields that protects the soles of designer heels from the ground
  • Extend the life of your designer heels by protecting the soles from scratch and wear with our extra thick Xpel material. 
  • Madame Glass Sole Protector removes with no residue and damage to the sole. Whether your sole is made out of leather or painted, have the confidence knowing sole guard will remove with out any side effects. 
  • Our material will not cause your shoes to become slippery on any surfaces
  • lasts at least 10 wears depending on distance walked and texture of ground
  • Please measure your sole before purchasing this product – size 15.24cm x 8.89 cm

How to apply

  • Trace around the sole of your shoe for the perfect shape
  • Cut around your shape using sharp scissors
  • Clean the underside of your shoe thoroughly to remove dust and grime
  • Partially peel off the Sole Protector from the tip and gently place it on the tip of your soles without applying pressure
  • Slowly peel away the rest of the sticker and match the outlines evenly.
  • Squeeze away any air bubbles that you may have


For extra insurance, we recommend applying two layers of Madame Glass. This will insure the removal of the first layer will not damage the painted sole. If a sharp rock were to puncture the sole guard protector, the paint will be damaged. By having two layers, this will guarantee that the soles will always be in that pristine condition. 



£8.99 inc. tax

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