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Madame Crystal sole protectors are specifically designed to adhere to the bottom of your delicate designer soles. These clear/transparent self-adhesive pads help to protect your expensive soles from wear and tear prolonging the life of your designer shoes.

They are a temporary solution so can be removed or replaced at any time, can be cut to size to fit almost every style and size of designer shoe, can be applied at home, no need to send your shoes to an expensive cobblers and on a more practical note are anti slip.

The protectors can be used on both brand new shoes to prevent damage or to worn shoes to prevent further damage.

Perfect for Christian Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, Manolos, Charlotte Olympia, Valentino, Pradas to name but a few

Please see the application instructions below:

Instructions: For use on brand new shoes:

  • Cut your sole protector to size if required
  • Peel off the self adhesive backing
  • Place the adhesive pad on to the sole of your shoe and press firmly
  • Leave for an hour or so before use

For use on used shoes:

  • Clean the bottom of the shoe well with a damp cloth
  • Leave to dry completely before applying your sole protector using the instructions above

Available in three sizes

Original size 7.5cm x 12cm

New large size 10cm x 14.5 cm

Extra Large for Flats

Many apologies but orders made between 25th May and 1st June, maybe slightly delayed. If you need your order urgently please message us and we can see what we can do. Thank you x

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Perfect in every way! 5 product stars
"Out of all the sole protectors I have tried these are by far the best! They are easily applied and remove easily if needed without damaging the sole of my precious Irregular Choice Shoes! They also have a non slip bottom which comes in handy and prevents embarrassing incidents!! I have these on all of my IC's and wouldn't leave the house without them!" Lyn Hancock - 05/08/2015

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