‘Sometimes we find ourselves in situations without the luxury of a red carpet to keep our expensive designer soles in perfect condition, which is why I created Madame Sole Protectors.’

Sophie - Founder Madame Sole Protectors 

Madame Rouge and Madame Crystal Sole Protectors have been specifically designed to adhere to the bottom of your designer shoes. They are self-adhesive pads which help to protect your expensive soles from wear and tear and on a more practical note are anti slip. 
They are a temporary solution that can be removed or replaced at any time, they will not harm the bottom of the shoe and can be cut to size if required.    

Madame Rouge Sole Protectors have been designed for Christian Louboutin shoes. These red, self adhesive pads will not only protect your brand new shoes from wear and tear but will cover up any damage to your existing Christian Louboutin shoes.
 We are the only supplier of red coloured temporary sole protectors, so look no further than Madame Rouge. 


Madame Crystal Sole Protectors are clear self adhesive pads which can be used to protect your bright red Christian Louboutin soles as well as your delicate suede Jimmy Choo soles. Manolo Blahniks, your beautifully unique Irregular Choice soles and all your other designer soles will also love Madam Crystal Sole Protectors; as they protect whilst allowing the original sole to show through.

We are the largest pre-cut self adhesive sole protector on the market so ‘Peel, Stick and Strut!’

 DISCLAIMER : We have tested our sole protectors on hundreds of pairs of designer shoes and based on this research with the correct preparation and application no damage will occur to the shoe sole on careful removal of our sole protectors. If you are concerned we recommend you do a patch test before application. Madame Soles will accept no responsibility for damage to your shoes when using our item and by purchasing our item you agree to this